Watching boats in the Sunset

Clearwater Beach, Florida

This site is meant to inform and inspire. 

     I hope you DO take your
        Dreams                    SERIOUSLY.
Capt Larry 'Bevo' Beavers

Getting too old and THEN having REGRETS that you did not DARE

Didn't, at least, TRY ...... Scares & Saddens me !

Dreams are meant to be strived for
and even if you make it only
part way
to fulfillment you will always OWN those memories
and have the Pride of having STRIVED !

Accept that MOST of our dreams CAN be accomplished

without having a million dollars ... one step at a time.

BEWARE though that you never get too low on money as that,
in our world, is the ONLY damper besides age.

.><))))))*>               ><))))))*>

There are so many routes you can take to get to a destination.

Some routes are easier or shorter.

Some routes take the long way around.

Either way ... it is the TRIP you enjoy more than the final destination!


I met a man who, on land, was confined to a wheel chair, but he "lived" on his boat and felt 100% more free and in control. He "made" it work for himself. He Strived.

Every twist in your route, every bend in the river, lake, ICW,
or around that next Island is new and exciting.

A different view all the time.

That single view from a multi-millionaires home cannot compare
to seeing the new views that a boat provides.

Their ONE view is constant ... that's it!

Your views are as varied as cloud patterns.




Capt Larry 'Bevo' Beavers
who dreamed from the plains of Oklahoma for so many years.



& Love it!
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