Yacht - Captain Experience

          Yachts       ... by legal definition ... anything over 29 foot in length 

 Are like women.
There are strong and consistent design absolutes,

but they are all capable of their own nuances, quirks and

just plain irritating manners.

I do so enjoy being a Captain!

Some are very sea-kindly, some are breathless to just look at

and some are just plain and simply FUN

to drive!


Here are some of my playmates of the past:











.... and others such as Helsen 22, O'Day 25, O'day 27, Ericson 35, Cheoy Lee 44,

and more as I progressed over the years. Sizing up, as my abilities and Licensing

allowed me, to enjoy first Sailing for years and then on to Power.


& Love it!
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